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TEXT: Dear friend,
I've found your address in a magazine. I've always wanted to have an Algerian pen-friend that's why I'm writing to you.
My name's Jenny Smith .I'm English and I'm 15 .I'm a tall slim girl with long fair hair and blue eyes. I live with my parents and my sister in Liverpool, a big town, near the sea.
I go to a public school. I 'm a very clever, calm and hardworking pupil. I 'm mad of history and maths but I 'm not very keen on French and drawing.
I like camping with my friends but only when it's fine. The other days, I like listening to music, taking photos or playing tennis.
I'll send you my photos in my next letter. I hope I'll receive a letter from you soon.

Yours, Jenny

1- Answer these questions according to the text: (03pts)
1) How many people are there in Jenny's house?
2) What does jenny look like?
3) Where does she live?
2- Read the text and complete: (03pts)
Age: Name:
Physical appearance: Nationality:
Likes: Personality:
1- Find in the text words which are closest or opposite in meaning to the following: (01pt)
a- intelligent = …………… b- crazy = ………….
c- fat ≠ ……………. d- private ≠ ………….
1- Put the capitals and punctuation: (01pt)
Mr parker is jenny's teacher he is very nice
2- Give the correct form of the verbs between brackets: (03pts)
a- Ahmed is keen on (to go) to parties.
b- She likes (to read) Koran after the morning prayer.
c- Can I (to use) your phone please?
3- Complete the table: (03pts)
Good idea / thank you but I can't. / how kind of you but I'm sorry / that 's OK, thank you/
Accepting invitation Declining invitation

4- Fill in the gaps with: but, likes, and, because. (01pt)
Ahmed is nice ….intelligent, ….he comes late to school ….he …. to sleep late at night.

Write a reply to Jenny's letter. Introduce your self. Tell her about your physical appearance, likes and dislikes
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