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 the first exam of english

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Dear Susan
I am writing to ask you if you would like to come and stay with my family, we live in a pretty suburb, and my school is nearby.
If you come we can go in to the centre of Paris and do some sightseeing, as well as spending some time in my neighbourhood, we shall also have a panic in the mountain or in the forest. Waiting for your answer, I’ve prepared you many sure prises that you’ll surely enjoy.
LOVE “ Florence

Section one:

A. Reading comprehension:
1. Read the text and answer the questions
a. Where is Florence from

b. Who is Susan
c. Why is Florence writing to Susan?
2. Write “true” or “false», correct the wrong statement
a. Susan invented Florence to come and stay with her family.
b. Florence’s school is not far from home.
c. Florence and Susan will have a picnic in the forest.
3. Read the text again and find the synonyms to the following:
Tourism=…….. Have good time=…………..
Detest=…….. Far=………
B. Mastery of language:
1) Supply the punctuation and the capital letter where necessary :
-she studies english at cambridge university
2) Join these sentences using connectors:
a. She is smart,……..messy.
b. I’m fond of modern dance ……oriental ones.
c. She missed the film ……..she was at work.
3) Spot the mistake and correct it:
I like watch comedies and I keen on sports programme.

Section two: writing expression:
Susan letter,
Dear Florence:
…….for your…… my answer is okay.i’ll come by……,so please,… wait…… at the bus station …….Sunday.
Love Susan
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the first exam of english
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