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 english subject 1

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english test

text : king and queens

the actual queen of england is elizabeth 2 as everybody knows . she has reigned for several years over great britain , northern ireland and the british commenwealth . she was born in 1926 . her husband was not born in england but in greece . they have got two children : prince charles and prince anne . queen elizabeth 's father was george VI . he died in 1952 . the beautifull place where the royal family always lives in london is called buckingham palace . ( from an english book )

part one : reading comprehension
A-read the text and answer these questions
1-) is england a republic ?
2-) where was the queen's husband born ?
3-) how old is elizabeth ?

B-what do these words refer to in the text
they :
he :

C- lexis
1-) find in the text words that are closest to the meaning of the following :
present =................. named = .................
2-) find in the text words that are opposite to the meaning of the following :
wife = ..................... never =.....................

part two : mastery of language
A- complete these tag questions
1-) elizabeth 2 has reigned for years .......................?
2-) the royal family doesn't live in the white house ...................?

B- classify these verbs to regular verbs and irregular verbs :
to know - to reign - to live - to tell - to cook - to go

part three : written expression
write the biography of famous person that you know or you have already studied about

reading comprehension


1-) no , it is not
2-) the queen's husband was born in greece
3-) elizabeth II is 80 years old

they : refer to queen elizabeth and her husband
he : refer to her father

1-) present = actual named = called
2-) wife # husband never # always

mastery of language

1-) elizabeth II reigned for years , hasn't she ?
2-) the royal family doesn't live in the white house , does it ?

regular : to reign - to live - to cook
irregular : to know - to tell - to go

written expression
the composition must be of about (8 to 10 lines ) or 120 words - written by the student him/herself

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english subject 1
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