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Fast food
Many children love eating fast food.this includes food such as burges,pizzas.hotdogs and fish and chips.although sush food is tasty it does not provide us with enough vitamins .nutrients and the goodness that our bodies need ?this food is not very healthy as it usually contains a lot of fat.eating fast food offen can result in weight gain
However ?you can make ameal at the fast food restaurant healthier by choosing a burger which has lots of vegetables in it ?by skipping the fries and by having plain water in stead of carbonated soft drinks.

Part one (14pts)
A)reading comprehension(07pts)
read the text carefully and do the following activities

activity one(03pts)
Read the text and fill in the table below

healthy food
Unheathy food

Activity two (02pts)
Are these statements true or false ?
a-fast food is very tasty.
b-B- fast food makes us very healthy.
c-There is fat in fast food.
d-Wter is more advised than a coke.

Activity Theree.(02pts)
Match between the words and their opposites.
a- Love 1- compl
b- gain 2- hard
d-Plain 3-hate
c- soft 4-loss
B/Text Exploration (07pts)
Activity one (03pts)

Trasform the following sentences in the passive form.
a-we need ablanced diet to help us grow and stay healthy.
b-we even need energy to sleep
c-our body will store energy as fat and thus.we will put on weight

activity two (02pts)
supply punctuations and capitals where necessary
sarah used to be a fat and lazylittle girl she wouldn’t eat and watch television all day

Activity three (02pts)
Each word in each group does not have the same sound as the other words.cross it out

Part two (06pts)
Situaton of integration

There are more fast food shops than libraries around you.children have fat bellies and emty heads.
Your friend invites you to have sadwich at the nearest fast food refuse his ivitation and give him clear reasons.
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نص انجليزية لـ 4 متوسط bem 2011
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